Trial Exhibits, Inc.

Litigation Consulting & Visual Aid Specialist

Trial Exhibits has over 25 years of experience and involvement in thousands of jury trials, mediations, and arbitrations. Our expertise extends into all areas of trial presentation, including:


Trial Consulting


Trial Exhibits’ Consultants aid in preparation of witnesses for deposition or trial, development and testing of case themes through focus group and mock trial research, and the planning and implementation of jury selection strategy.

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Trial Exhibits


Trial Exhibits’ Graphic Artists and Certified Medical Illustrators excel at the creation of both static exhibits (such as illustrations, graphs, charts, photos, maps) and dynamic exhibits (such as interactive timelines, 3D animations, videos), designed to support the trial themes and fit the budget for the case.

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Trial Presentation


Presentation Specialists organize documents prior to trial, instantaneously display exhibits during trial, and edit and present videos to ensure a smooth presentation in the courtroom.

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We realize that every case is unique and therefore every trial strategy should be customized. Our staff of doctorate level jury consultants, board certified medical illustrators, graphic artists and animation professionals are available to ensure that your case is resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Trial Exhibit’s experience spans the bulk of litigation areas. Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Aviation, Maritime, Environmental, Insurance, Bad Faith, Eminent Domain, Criminal, Product Liability, Labor & Employment, Toxic Tort, Patent Infringement, Contracts, and Complex Commercial Litigation are just a few areas of our expertise.