Our Certified Illustrators And Animators Help Educate And Persuade In Pharmaceutical And Medical Device Cases

TrialEx provides quality, comprehensive litigation support to help your jurors understand the complexity of pharmaceutical and medical device litigation. TrialEx has over 30 years of experience specializing in key medical topics such as the failure of medical devices, serious side effects, and recalls on medical products.

Medical illustration of heart overlapping chest x-ray to show position of pacemaker and direction of blood flow indicated by yellow arrows.

Our multi-media Graphic Designers and Certified Medical Illustrators and Animators can help with the visualization and simplification of multifaceted medical cases. These may include recalls of medical products such as stents, defibrillators, hip and knee replacements, and pacemakers.

Serious side effects or medical device failure may be cause for a claim. TrialEx has provided extensive exhibits for cases such as prescription drugs, including opiates, heart monitors, heart valves, artificial hip joints, breast implants, jaw implants, artificial implants, spinal cord stimulators, and pain pumps.

Through attention-grabbing and educational demonstratives, TrialEx can aid in juror understanding of your pharmaceutical or medical case, leading you towards a successful outcome.