Focus Groups

An interactive Focus Group allows you to respond to questions from the mock jurors throughout the event and is particularly useful at the beginning stages of case development. Focus Groups provide valuable insights into the persuasiveness of case themes, influence of evidence, and effectiveness of witnesses. Focus groups can be conducted in abbreviated, half-day sessions or in full-day sessions. Multiple focus groups are optimal to examine the consistency of responses across mock jury panels. As the trial date approaches and you are ready to practice your presentation in a more formal, structured format, a mock trial will best suit your needs.

Group of 13 diverse individuals for a focus group smiling and posing for a photo
Photo of male presenter speaking with arm raised facing an auditorium filled, podium with microphone and laptop

Mock Trials

Many times, attorneys believe they have determined the key themes of their case that will predict a verdict. Often, they will contemplate their trial strategy by discussing the major case issues with other attorneys. However, when a jury panel consisting of laypersons listens to a case, their views and perceptions are often quite different from those of trained legal professionals.

Mock trials typically require a full-day session. During a Mock Trial, participants playing the role of jurors are exposed to the arguments on each side of the case and are then asked to deliberate and determine a verdict. Attorneys are able to view the deliberations and final verbal questioning sessions from a separate viewing room. During a final debriefing session, interaction between the mock jurors and the facilitator allow for deeper probing into the psyche of the juror. This data is analyzed to determine the consistent themes across jury panels. Case themes that are consistent across groups can be expected to influence the impaneled jury for the trial. This research allows the attorney to strategize trial presentation and target it directly to the jury.

Effectiveness Of Pre-Trial Research

Focus groups and mock trials can provide a more valid and reliable means of determining the likelihood that individuals in the jury box will perceive your case as you hope or expect. Focus groups or mock trials can provide assessment of:

  • Key Themes and persuasive arguments
  • Juror perception of the case
  • Clarity of demonstrations or exhibits
  • Effectiveness of lay or expert witnesses
  • Damage estimates or settlement decisions
Image of mock jurors taking notes with pen and paper at a table.

TrialEx offers multiple formats for pre-trial research depending on your research needs and budget. By taking advantage of our consultation services, you will benefit from feedback provided by mock jurors, provided by our consultants, and the ability to practice trial presentations.