Courtroom Animations

Show the specifics of your case just as they happened.
Choose from 2D or 3D, the sky is the limit!

Captivate The Attention Of Your Jury

Courtroom Animations are used in all types of cases to simplify complex scientific processes, such as construction litigation, accident reconstruction, or toxic tort litigation. Animations of medical problems or surgical procedures are incredibly useful in court as they are less invasive than videos. They can easily illustrate hidden processes and retain the attention of the jury.

At TrialEx, our experienced Forensic Legal Animators are able to simulate your case, from driving conditions such as weather and lighting, to complex aviation pilot maneuvers. Using their training in the art of visual perception, our forensic animators work with clients to choose whether jurors will view the accident reconstruction from the point of view (perspective) of the driver, from an overhead view, or other positions to best convey the story in the trial. Forensic animations are not only educational and visually stunning to the jury, the computer-generated simulations can influence the verdict in the courtroom.

TrialEx’s legal animation team has the perfect blend of artistic talent, technical ability, and legal knowledge to create scientifically valid simulations and accurate re-creations of events and processes. Our animation team uses the same state-of-the-art equipment for visuals that Hollywood’s leading studios are using for their blockbuster movies. If you can imagine it, we can create it, and with our years of experience, we are able to scale the project to meet your budget.

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