Clarifying Complex Maritime Litigation

Maritime or Admiralty litigation involves unique laws, environments, and conditions that are often foreign to the average person. Damages sustained on inland waters or at sea rarely pertain to the same set of laws that apply to similar damages that occur on land. Cruise ship incidents, barge accidents, the Jones Act, wake damage, Hague Rules, LHWCA, and DOHSA, are terms and conditions that will likely be unfamiliar to your jury. Let TrialEx’s experience simplify the explanation of the incident at hand.

Laptop with screen displaying a watercraft sideways in a body of water being reviewed by a trial consultant and attorney.

TrialEx can help your jury conceptualize the incident that led to the current trial. Animated reconstruction of wave heights, vessel behavior in a seaway, rules of the road, wind impact, vessel strength, unloading procedures, and cargo tie down procedures will help you win your next case.