Compelling Visual Aids For Business Litigation

Business and Employment litigation may involve unique laws and conditions unfamiliar to the average person. Courtroom visuals may be vital to a juror’s retention in these cases. The expert graphics team at TrialEx can show the jury the details of your business or employment litigation case.

Three individuals sit in conference room setting looking at a monitor displaying a project organizational flow chart graphic exhibit

TrialEx is able to analyze your case in terms of how a jury may view liability in trials such as: breach of contract, defamation, employment discrimination including age, sex, race, religion and pregnancy, harassment, quid pro quo and hostile environment, Fair Labor Standards Act, Department of Labor audits, Occupational Safety and Labor Act, Manufacturing and Distribution Agreements, Trade Secrets Protection, and Worker’s Compensation

Presenting important documentation visually, in the form of interactive timelines, callouts, depositions, and trial boards, to both educate and persuade the jury, may make all the difference in winning your case.