Jury Selection

Strategic jury selection can be crucial to a win in court. TrialEx’s Consultants assist in developing voir dire themes and questions, recording and analyzing a juror’s verbal and non-verbal behaviors, and by providing recommendations for of cause challenges and peremptory strikes.

Panel of diverse jurors with varying facial expression that imply they are actively listening or engaged within a courtroom setting

Voir Dire

Quite often, attorneys will use peremptory challenges to de-select jurors based on demographics, or “hunches” based on their intuition. However, research has repeatedly revealed that juror demographics rarely predict verdicts. Instead, juror attitudes and beliefs are most important in determining their decisions. These attitudes are revealed by questioning prospective jurors about their thoughts and experiences during voir dire. The Consultant will make recommendations for challenges based on the individuals’ responses as well as the expected group dynamics of the to-be-impaneled jury.

Once your jury has been impaneled, the TrialEx Consultant can provide you with recommendations for opening/ closing statements based on the jury composition. Jury selection is one of the most difficult tasks that an attorney performs in trial. At the same time, jury selection can have a significant influence on the outcome of your case. TrialEx’s experienced and skilled consultants can assist you throughout each step of the jury selection process, reducing your burden and increasing your likelihood of a favorable result.

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Social Media Analysis

TrialEx Consultants swiftly locate and analyze public social media accounts and public records of the jury pool for use during the jury selection process. Criminal background checks may also be utilized. This supplemental information is merged with observations of each juror’s behaviors and responses in court to help us develop a more complete assessment of each juror, without making direct or indirect contact with the venire.

Post Trial Interviews

To obtain valid feedback from jurors, it is important that post-trial interviews are conducted by third parties, rather than the trial team from either side of the case. Jurors who are aware which side is questioning them may provide socially desirable, rather than honest, answers. Jurors who found against the questioner may also feel uncomfortable and fail to provide open feedback. By enlisting the assistance of a TrialEx Consultant, you can rest assured that the data you obtain is valid.

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