Trial Consulting Services

Whether you need the full capabilities of our services including: focus groups, mock trials, witness preparation, jury selection, social media analysis, shadow juries, graphics, animations, medical exhibits, multi-media presentations, trial equipment, trial presentation, documents management or merely assistance in developing a few presentation boards, our consultants will meet with you to discuss your case and implement the best possible case strategy for your client.

A trial consultant and two attorneys are sitting at a conference table engaged in conversation.

Early Case Consultation

The goal of early case consultation is to objectively examine all components of your case, identifying strengths as well as potential vulnerabilities and provide greater assistance to produce the desired results. This is an invaluable asset in the formation of the most influential case presentation possible, particularly when conducted early in the discovery stage. One of the major benefits of early case consultation is to have the opportunity to formulate refinements and devise a course of action to sway the unconvinced.