Visuals That Impact Juror Comprehension

At TrialEx, we cover all areas of railroad litigation including Federal Employer Liability Act (FELA) worker injuries, signal crossing, and train derailment. Often times it can be hard to describe how the cars of a train react after a collision, but through our computer generated illustrations, these ideas can be broken down so that anyone can visualize and understand the case facts.

Aerial view floor plan illustration graphic- transportation station with labeling of key parts such as platform, bus loop, parking lot, main street, and ride area.

Effective visual exhibits will make all the difference in your case. TrialEx can assist you with your Railroad case. Whether it involves describing and orchestrating complex situations such as limited maneuverability, weather conditions, rules of the road, speed variations, and reaction times or if you simply need your jury to visualize the impact of an accident, we have the knowledge to accurately portray the accident and create a visual that will bring your case to life.