Clearly Show Culpability With TrialEx Courtroom Animations And Illustrations

Damage occurring as the result of natural forces is sometimes exacerbated by the negligent engineering of man. Our multi-media Graphic Designers and Animators will review your data and present it in a visual manner that will allow your jury to understand causation.

Graphic board exhibit large building and wind direction, color-coded levels for the building height, varying measurements of wind pressure.

Hurricanes, tornadoes, sinkholes, floods, earthquakes, termites, mudslides, mold contamination and fire cause damage and devastation throughout our country's residential & commercial properties. Residential property and business owners' claims are on the rise. Policy language, coverage issues, and the cause of damage sustained can be difficult for any jury to comprehend.

Our graphics rival those displayed on televised educational channels. Not only do our graphics succeed in educating jurors, they create a lasting memory that jurors take with them into the deliberation room.