Product Functions Visually Demonstrated

Product liability litigation is riddled with poorly designed or improperly manufactured products. Jurors with minimal exposure to the product in question will have a very limited understanding of the expectations for its effective use. Our animations provide the background necessary for jurors to fully grasp a design or idea that will ultimately influence their decisions in a case.

Trial exhibit 3 different ladders labeling and color coding sections of the ladders-rungs, locking pins, locking hinges, rectangular inner rail and c-shaped outer rail

Comparative Ladder Exhibit

Before creating any product liability exhibit, the designers at TrialEx analyze key product components in order to understand how the product works. We pay particular attention to the purpose of the product and how it can malfunction. Visual aids are designed accurately to maintain the integrity of the product in question. By crafting demonstrative aids for product liability cases, TrialEx is able to help the juror grasp essential concepts and functions of a product, even when they have limited experience with it.