Using Illustrations And Animations To Show Complicated Medical Procedures And Conditions

Educating a jury about complex medical (i.e. anatomical, surgical or pharmaceutical) concepts and terms can be a challenging part of a case. Our experience in presenting these types of cases gives us the ability to plan and create medical exhibits that will accurately translate complex information into easily understood exhibits.

Medical illustration showing a sagittal view of a pregnant women during childbirth with baby experiencing shoulder dystocia with suprapubic pressure applied.

To do this, TrialEx employs only Certified Medical Illustrators with post-graduate degrees. Our Medical Illustrators have training in the medical field which enables them to accurately and effectively illustrate or animate human anatomy, injuries, surgeries, and other related conditions.

TrialEx has created a significant collection of medical illustrations. This Gallery provides a large range of stock illustrations to our clients at significantly discounted prices.