Electronic courtroom presentations allow instant access to all of your case information: Exhibits, Documents, Depositions, and more

Electronic Trial Presentations

Electronic trial presentations are performed through the operation of computers, projectors, and flat screen monitors. Presenting information electronically enables user interaction with exhibits that is not possible with static graphics and are an extremely effective tool for increasing juror understanding of the case, facilitating the jurors’ sense of engagement, and enhancing juror memory of important points.

Female attorney presenting her case in front of a large screen with a colorful timeline on it.

With the use of an electronic presentation, jurors are able to better visualize and understand even the most complex cases. In trial, where juror’s opinions and impressions determine the outcome of a case, presentation support and courtroom experience are the keys to success.

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TrialEx Presentation Specialists and Trial Technicians

Our Presentation Specialists and Trial Technicians are experts at enhancing any electronic trial presentation through the use of technology. Prior to trial, a Presentation Specialist (hot seat operator) will construct an organized database of all important documents, exhibits, video depositions, etc. so that they can be easily accessed when needed in the courtroom. During the trial, the Presentation Specialist operates software and audio/visual equipment to display the evidence, documents, graphics, or videos for the case.

By hiring a TrialEx Presentation Specialist, the trial team gains a valuable member whose skills and experience provide a seamless presentation of exhibits and evidence during the trial.

Virtual and Zoom Trial Presentation Services

Synchronizing custom legal graphics, expert consultation, quality technology and reliable equipment into comprehensive and persuasive virtual courtroom presentations is our mission at TrialEx. Our Trial Technicians and Presentation Specialists are experienced in providing video conferencing and remote presentation services. If you have an upcoming virtual or hybrid jury trial, arbitration, or just need to stream in a witness to an in-person jury trial, we are here to assist.

Synchronized deposition of an expert man writing notes and answering questions.
Virtual presentation of a heart animation shown in a board room with large wooden table.

Embracing the speed and convenience of trial presentation software like OnCue, our Trial Presentation Specialists create and organize all exhibits into an electronic database for every case big and small. This prevents the need to sort through pages and pages of trial binders to find specific exhibits. Electronic presentations can be updated and shared quickly with any member of your team; while also allowing you to present to anyone, anywhere. Compatibility of trial presentation software with video conferencing services (Zoom, GoToMeeting) ensures that your exhibits will be seen by all participants in and out of the courtroom or arbitration.

Benefits of Virtual & Zoom Trial Presentation

Trial presentation from anywhere: our virtual trial coordinators and hot-seat operators are ready to assist you in your office, virtually over Zoom or in a hybrid jury trial in the courthouse.

Virtual Trial Presentation Software: our courtroom presentation specialists are trained and experienced in using trial presentation software (Trial Director, OnCue, PowerPoint) with online video conference programs.

Live Annotation: present your case with a dynamic mix of trial graphics, live annotations, screen sharing, video depositions and impeachment clips.

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