Facilitate Juror Comprehension Of Asbestos Exposure And Resulting Mesothelioma

Graphics by TrialEx will help educate jurors on asbestos exposure sources such as garages, ships, military bases, and drilling platforms. There are specific health-related ramifications including, Pleural, Peritoneal and Pericardial Mesothelioma, each resulting in specific medical concerns that require different procedures for relief. The progression of this terrible disease can be captured through medical illustrations and/or medical animations.

Still animated image of industrial worker standing over container in cloud of dust from materials – showing asbestos exposure.

TrialEx has extensive experience with asbestos-related cases. We consulted for and created custom animations and illustrations for one of the largest asbestos-related verdicts in U.S. history. We take great pride in providing quality courtroom exhibits regardless of the size of your case.