EXHIBIT ID: Animating Flow in 3-D Medical Animation Trial Presentations

Animating Flow in 3-D Medical Animation Trial Presentations

Electronic trial presentation compilation of Trial Exhibit's medical animations demonstrating various ways to represent flow. The presenter's personal taste and objective will be used to make a decision to utilize a style that is clearer and more schematic or a style that is more realistic and dramatic. In traditional illustration, movement, direction and flow of liquid or air is typically represented with arrows. These arrows can also be used as a schematic option in representing flow within an animation, however the even more simplistic solution is a series of dots that can be used to demonstrate flow, direction, and even pain impulses. For a more accurately representative approach, animated liquid and gas can be utilized giving the viewer an appreciation for the nature of the specific material shown. A final option for animating flow is the use of particle effects. Particle effects allow the viewer to have a more realistic and detailed microscopic view of flow by visualizing the individual particles that make up the material being animated as well as event that happen within that material.