EXHIBIT ID: 3D Solution for Wrist X-Ray Film Comparison

3D Solution for Wrist X-Ray Film Comparison

Our client faced a difficult challenge in this case while representing a surgeon who repaired the plaintiff’s broken wrist. The lateral post-operative x-ray clearly shows that one of the fixation screws penetrates through the bottom of the radius into the joint space. This would seem to be clear-cut evidence of malpractice, but things are not always as they seem. Trial Exhibits found a solution to make the truth understandable. Unlike the lateral x-ray, the AP x-ray allows us to see that the screw in question was placed in the radial styloid process and does not penetrate the joint space. Our task was to help the jury understand the relationships between the lateral and AP films and appreciate how the transparent nature of x-rays can create optical illusions when viewed out of context. The Trial Exhibits solution was to create a 3D view of the wrist based specifically on the case x-rays. This 3D view allowed us to animate a comparative view of the two films by rotating the view from anterior to lateral. This rotation of the anatomy allowed the jury to fully understand that each film shows the same facts but from different views. This was a perfect example of why x-rays are taken from multiple views and why all views of a radiological study must be viewed in order to fully appreciate the facts.