Trial Consulting & Litigation Strategy Services

Trial Exhibits has over 20 years of experience and involvement in thousands of jury trials, mediations, and arbitrations.  Trial consulting services include case consulting, focus groups, mock trials, jury selection / voir dire research, witness preparation, and post trial interviews.




Focus Groups

Focus groups uncover participants’ attitudes, perceptions, beliefs, and opinions in an interactive setting. This type of research is particularly useful for testing a specific question, such as how a witness will be perceived by the jury, or for obtaining general feedback regarding animations, illustrations, and other demonstrative evidence. The loosely structured format of a focus group allows themes to evolve as participants digest information in small segments. The results of the research aid in directing discovery for the case, planning directions in deposition questioning, and identifying themes to test for trial.



Mock Trials

Mock trials are ideal means of testing planned trial themes, assessing the impact of prepared exhibits, and practicing the presentation of your case. During a mock trial, arguments for each side are presented to jury eligible participants in a formal, structured format.

Participant feedback is useful for:

  • Informing settlement decisions
  • Identifying weaknesses in witness presentation
  • Determining the effectiveness of exhibits
  • Measuring the impact of potentially damaging evidence
  • Assessing the decision-making factors likely to increase or decrease damage awards

Jury Selection

It is nearly impossible for attorneys to ask questions of the venire during voir dire while also taking useful and detailed notes on each juror’s response. Yet, most attorneys have not realized the importance of detailed notes when arguing with an opponent over a challenge for cause. Trial Exhibits’ litigation consultants are prepared to assist in note-taking and, even more importantly, are trained to observe and record information about each juror to determine who will be favorable to you or your opponent. With a Trial Exhibits’ consultant at your side, you can make informed decisions when striking jurors and know what to expect from the group dynamic of your impaneled jury.


Case Consulting

The process of early case consultation is designed to reveal your strengths and vulnerabilities as well as those of your opponent. This is an invaluable asset in the formation of the most influential case presentation possible, particularly when conducted early in the discovery stage. One of the major benefits of early case consultation is to have the opportunity to formulate refinements and devise a course of action to sway the unconvinced.


Post Trial Interviews

Attorneys today are looking to the internet to get an idea of the expected value of a case by reviewing verdicts on similar cases in similar venues. However, a verdict alone will only tell you what the jury decided, and not how they came to that decision. To understand how jurors evaluate witnesses, attorneys, arguments, themes, and exhibits, a post-trial interview is an invaluable tool.

Post-trial interviews with jurors can be particularly valuable in:

  • Serial litigation, multi-district litigation, and class-action suits
  • Strategizing for cases with like fact patterns or case issues
  • Streamlining arguments of the appeals process

Witness Preparation

Jurors determine the credibility of a witness based on his/her verbal and nonverbal behavior. Evidence provided by a nervous witness is likely to be discounted and may result in a lost case. Trial Exhibits, Inc.’s consultants apply psychological knowledge and skills to increase the effectiveness of a witness’s communication during deposition or in the courtroom. Using behavior modification techniques such as role-playing and modeling, our consultants teach witnesses to communicate confidently and powerfully. Whether you are planning to present a lay or an expert witness, Trial Exhibits, Inc.’s consultants can enhance the effectiveness of their testimony.

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