Post Trial Interviews


Once a trial is complete, the Trial Consultant can conduct post-trial interviews to provide you with self-reported perceptions of jurors who served in the case and consent to disclose such information. The consultant can also provide a written report consisting of qualitative data and analysis. Finally, the consultant can provide recommendations for retrying the case, trying companion cases, or trying cases that involve similar issues, exhibits, or witnesses.


Juror Feedback

To obtain valid feedback from jurors, it is important that post-trial interviews are conducted by third parties, rather than the trial team from either side of the case. Jurors who are aware which side is questioning them may provide socially desirable, rather than honest, answers. Jurors who found against the questioner may also feel uncomfortable and fail to provide open feedback. By enlisting the assistance of a Trial Exhibits’ consultant, you can rest assured that the data you obtain are valid.


Trial Exhibits’ consultants typically conduct post-trial interviews by phone, providing a comfortable environment for the juror. Our skilled consultants create open-ended and non-leading questions designed to obtain useful information to answer the client’s research questions. Some of the common research goals addressed by post-trial interviews include:


  • Evaluating the effectiveness of demonstrative evidence
  • Identifying persuasive trial themes and ineffective arguments
  • Assessing juror perception of expert witnesses
  • Determining attorney strengths and weaknesses in trial demeanor and presentation skills