Our medical illustrators can develop interactive exhibits for injuries and surgeries. Occasionally, a single board is insufficient in presenting the magnitude or number of injuries clearly to a jury. In these cases we recommend an interactive exhibit that will methodically lead the jury step-by-step through all medical conditions or surgical procedures.

Samples: Medical Interactive Exhibits
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Summary of Injuries – This exhibit will demonstrate to the jury the complexity and severity of each current or pre-existing injury. Attorneys will have the ability to display each injury individually or an overall look at multiple injuries in a single view. Injury summary medical illustrations are a cost effective alternative for mediations. They can also include:

  • Colorized Diagnostic Films
  • Medical Illustrations
  • 3D Medical Animations

Interactive Slice Choosers
– Traumatic brain injuries, location of tumors, size of a the hemorrhage, and other similar injuries can be difficult to understand and explain to a jury. One or two slices of a CT Scan or MRI fail to reveal the full extent of one’s injury or condition. We can rebuild your client’s injuries by combining the slices of diagnostic films, and with just one click you can show, slice by slice, location, depth and size of a brain injury, a tumor, fractures or other similar injuries.


Multiple Surgery Exhibits – If you need to compare two surgeries side by side, or explain more than one procedure performed on your client, we can combine each individual segment into one powerful and persuasive exhibit. You are then able to click through each individual procedure or present both surgeries in tandem to compare the difference in theories. Trial Exhibits will prepare a presentation package that you can operate without any additional software.


Specialized Interactive Exhibits


Interactive Fetal Heart Monitors are used to educate the jury on the baseline heart rate, the importance of decelerations, detection of fetal hypoxia, and other conditions of distress or reassurance as you build your birth trauma case. We will create an Interactive Fetal Heart Monitor to fit your case and budget. The interactive exhibit can be customized to allow you to play, control the speed, highlight, jump to landmarks in time, annotate, or include animation to show the condition of the fetus during labor.

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