Tampa, Florida Office

Trial Exhibits’ headquarters located in Tampa, FL for over 25 years. Jerrod Mills, the Chief Operating Officer of TEI, also serves as the manager of the Tampa office, overseeing Tampa’s diverse team of Medical Illustrators, Forensic Animators, Graphic Designers, Jury Consultants, and Trial Presentation Specialists. The Tampa office serves clients across the southeast. In the state of Florida, the office serves the Tampa Bay area, Sarasota, Jacksonville, Lakeland, Gainesville, Bradenton, and Tallahassee. Additionally, the Tampa office serves clients in Mississippi and Louisiana. Trial Exhibits’ Jury Consultants from the Tampa office travel to locations across the nation to provide mock trial and jury consulting services.


Trial Exhibits, Inc.
1177 W Cass St.
Tampa, FL 33606

Phone: (813) 222-0880
Fax: (813) 222-0114