Litigation involving industrial accidents occurs in various industries such as: warehouses, office buildings, oil rigs, power plants, construction sites, factories, refineries and mills. Injuries resulting from falls, unsafe work conditions, moving equipment, fire, and chemical spills can be difficult to explain. Trial Exhibits’ team of Graphics Specialists are capable of creating exhibits that communicate the themes of your trial clearly to the jury.


It is not always easy to visualize these accidents. At Trial Exhibits, Inc., we use evidence, expert data and testimony from your case to re-create the accident scene exactly as it occurred. Mechanical system failures, unsafe conditions, operator error, or neglect of OSHA regulations can be clearly shown through the use of 2D or 3D recreation animation, interactive graphics and medical illustrations.




Whether your case involves describing and orchestrating complex structures, limited maneuverability, or weather conditions, effective visual exhibits will make the difference.

Industrial: Sample Gallery

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Warehouse Accident Prevention
Reactor Explosion
Boiler Incident


Ship Incident
Boiler Incident


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