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Trial Exhibits’ Presentation Specialists are experts at enhancing any trial presentation through the use of technology. Prior to trial, a Presentation Specialist will construct an organized database of all important documents so that they can be easily accessed when needed. During the trial, the Presentation Specialist operates software and audio/visual equipment to display the documents, graphics, or videos for the case. By hiring a Presentation Specialist, the trial team gains a valuable member whose skill and experience provide a seamless presentation of exhibits and evidence during the trial.


Attorneys around the country are recognizing the benefits of electronic trial presentations. Electronic trial presentations are an extremely effective tool for increasing juror understanding of the case, facilitating the jurors’ sense of engagement, and enhancing juror memory of important points. With the use of an electronic presentation, jurors are able to better visualize and understand even the most complex cases.


advantages of electronic trial presentations

Advantages of electronic trial presentations


Instant Access: Display any exhibits and trial graphics instantaneously, without having to dig through documents or sort through boards.


Multi-Media: Present various types of demonstrative evidence, including: documents, photos, trial graphics, medical illustrations, videos and 3D animations.


Live Annotation: Computer software allows the Presentation Specialist to zoom-in, highlight, rotate and annotate live in the courtroom. This interactive approach guides jurors through the case, making your key points salient in the jurors’ memories.



Other Services of Interest


Graphics and/or Animation can also be helpful in trial to educate the jury to the key points of your case.


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