Turn your data into visual aides for the jury process.


The use of visual aids can significantly increase a jury’s comprehension of complex information and subject matter. Our consultants and designers understand the unique aspects of presentation in the courtroom, and how the right visual aid can make a difference between a juror’s understanding and confusion of the evidence. Due to our years of experience and our firm understanding of what is successful, our team knows the colors, fonts, and the overall design of graphics and illustrations that most influence jurors at key moments during trial.

Demonstrative evidence should be more than “pretty pictures.” The colors, content, size, and orientation of graphics should be carefully selected to be consistent with the themes of the case. Graphics should communicate a simple message that is quickly and easily understood. Our team of Multi-Media Designers possess the creativity and skill to plan and construct visual aids that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are persuasive at trial.

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