Monitoring Wells Near Gas Station Leak

This courtroom animation was created to educate a jury on the movement of Methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) & gas within the groundwater after a gasoline leak at a station. The opening scene starts with a top down view of the environmental area around the gas station, location of monitor wells and water supply sampling wells. The key area around the station is pulled out and the C-C' line of monitoring wells is identified. The leak on gas product line is labeled and shown. The 3D animation fades to show the monitoring wells along the C-C' line over the top of the bedrock geology. A simulation shows the results of the monitoring wells month by month. The wells are identified by color depending on the amount of detection. The legal 3D animation then shows the surrounding area in a top down map, and the areas that have a detection level are highlighted while there is a scrolling timeline exhibit at the bottom of the screen. An additional monitoring well simulation is shown for detection of gasoline & MTBE along the south and east environments. Trial Exhibits, Inc. was hired to produce several courtroom animations interactive exhibits, and trial presentation services for this toxic tort case lasting 6 months in Baltimore, MD. Contact us at any time, if you need assistance creating demonstrative exhibits on your next toxic tort or environmental litigation project.