EXHIBIT ID: Ex20-003

Interactive Fetal Heart Monitor Player

The fetal heart monitor strip, or fetal heart tracing, is often the main piece of evidence in any case involving injury to a baby during the birthing process. Fetal heart tracings document activity during labor and delivery, such as baseline fetal heart rate, accelerations, decelerations, uterine contractions, a reassuring or ominous heartbeat, and many other conditions. Displaying Trial Exhibits’ Interactive Fetal Heart Monitor during trial is the most effective way to convey the fetal heart rate and mother’s contractions during labor and convincingly tell your story to the jury. Interactive fetal heart monitors can be used to educate the jury on topics such as the baseline heart rate, the importance of decelerations, detection of fetal hypoxia, and other conditions of distress or reassurance as you build your birth trauma case. A “Help Menu” is included in the fetal heart monitor for ease of use. We can create an Interactive Fetal Heart Monitor to fit your case and budget. The interactive exhibit will be customized to allow you to play a copy of the digital fetal strip, control the speed, highlight, jump to landmarks in time, annotate, show linked medical records, take a snapshot of the annotated strip or include an animation to show the condition of the fetus during labor.