Trial Consulting Services include: Case Consulting, Focus Groups,
Mock Trials, Jury Selection/Voir Dire Research, Witness Prep and
Post Trial interviews.


  • Jury & Litigation Consulting Services


    Focus groups uncover participants’ attitudes, perceptions, beliefs, and opinions in an interactive setting. This type of research is particularly useful for testing a specific question, such as how a witness will be perceived by the jury, or for obtaining general feedback regarding animations, illustrations, and other demonstrative evidence. The loosely structured format of a focus group allows themes to evolve as participants digest information in small segments.


    Panels of jury eligible citizens are presented with the major facts of the case and then asked to deliberate and reach a verdict. After a mock trial, the quantitative and qualitative data are analyzed to determine the consistent themes across jury panels. Case themes that are consistent across groups can be expected to influence the impaneled jury for the trial. This research allows the attorney to strategize trial presentation and target it directly to a jury.




    Jury selection is one of the most difficult tasks that an attorney performs in the courtroom. At the same time, jury selection can have a significant influence on the outcome of your case. Trial Exhibits’ experienced and skilled trial consultants can assist you throughout each step of the jury selection process, reducing potential burden, and increasing your likelihood of a favorable result.


    The goal of the early case consultation is to objectively examine all components of a case, identifying strengths as well as potential vulnerabilities. By meeting with a consultant early in the development of a case, time allows for development and testing of themes, preparation of witnesses, and creation as well as fine-tuning of exhibits. The earlier a consultant is involved, the greater assistance he/she can provide.




    To obtain valid feedback from jurors, it is important that post-trial interviews are conducted by third parties, rather than the trial team from either side of the case. Jurors who are aware which side is questioning them may provide socially desirable, rather than honest, answers. Jurors who found against the questioner may also feel uncomfortable and fail to provide open feedback. By enlisting the assistance of a Trial Exhibits’ consultant, you can rest assured that the data you obtain are valid.


    Trial Exhibits’ consultants hold PhDs in the social sciences and use techniques such as behavior modification to enhance witnesses’ style of presentation, or how the witness testifies. Importantly, the content of a witness’s testimony, or what they say, is not altered. Trial Exhibits’ consultants abide by the ethical principles of the American Society of Trial Consultants (ASTC). The goal of witness preparation is to help witnesses tell the truth in a clear and confident manner.



Jury Consulting

Winning case strategies, focus groups, effective witness preparations, powerful insights into the minds of today’s jurors.



Transforming your complex information into educational and memorable demonstrative exhibits and trial graphics in the courtroom.



Clear and concise electronic courtroom presentations increase juror's understanding of the case and enhance memory.

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