Multiple Injuries: 3D Exhibit

on May 14, 2019

In many cases it becomes necessary to represent a broad overview of multiple medical conditions rather than focusing on one injury. This may be necessary to give an appreciation of a patient’s pre-existing conditions before the pertinent incident or it may be to generate drama around the traumatic nature of an accident of injury. Traditionally, this type of exhibit is accomplished with a single full body medical illustration that provides the overview, but little detail. If your case requires something a bit more dramatic, perhaps an animation would be more appropriate.

This animation is just one example of how a list of injuries can be summarized. In this case we began at the top of the body showing the various brain injuries including cerebral contusions and regions of hemorrhage. Moving downward, we were able to highlight the regions of fracture in this spine of this patient. The animation even allowed us to shift to a sectional view to highlight the resulting deformity of the spinal canal with air bubbles mixing with the cerebrospinal fluid. More rotation revealed additional fractures of various ribs adjacent to the spine and the additional of the lungs allowed us to include the blood within the thoracic cavity. Finally, a few extra injuries were included to complete our tour of the body of this patient. I’m sure that you’ll agree that the animated summary of this case was a much more compelling solution.

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