Eye Anatomy & Physiology Legal Animation

on Nov 30, 2020

Seeing Is Believing

Legal Animation Showing Anatomy & Physiology of the Eye

They say that seeing is believing. We at Trial Exhibits believe that seeing is also understanding. 

Take the anatomy of the eye for example. People generally understand that the eye is composed of soft tissue and fluid, but very few appreciate the complexity of the anatomy or all the structures and layers that allow the eye to properly function. A cross sectional view allows us to see the interior anatomy, the key component structures, the regions of the eye, and the layers that form the wall of the globe. 

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A medical legal animation of this type can also help us understand the physiology of the eye such as the maintenance of pressure inside the globe. Here we can see how fluid released by the ciliary processes in the front of the eye circulates back through the globe maintaining pressure outward on the walls of the eye. If the ciliary body becomes damaged or inflamed, the production of fluid shuts down. This leads to a reduction in pressure in the eye that can cause the layers of the wall to detach.

This condition can often be resolved with the administration of medication onto the eye. This medication can penetrate down into the ciliary body, reducing the swelling, and restoring the production of fluid. This rapidly results in a restoration of proper pressure inside the eye. Regretfully, if the condition is not quickly diagnosed and treated, the detachment can worsen and eventually lead to a permanent destruction of the eye. These are complex issues, but carefully prepared visual displays can easily make the facts understandable. As with everything, seeing is believing.

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