Effective Use of Medical Animation

on Aug 12, 2020

Effective Use of Medical Legal Animation for Demonstrative Exhibits

Medical Legal Animation Case Study: Thrombectomy of the Basilar Artery

An illustration printed on a trial board can be a great way to show anatomy in the courtroom, but if you need to demonstrate multi-step processes that take place within and around that anatomy then an animation is the right choice. The use of 3D medical legal animations as demonstrative evidence can ease your worries of jury comprehension when your case involves complex medical procedures. Take for instance this medical case study involving a thrombectomy of the basilar artery.



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Imagine you know nothing about vascular anatomy or intravascular surgery. You’re on a jury in a legal case involving a mechanical thrombectomy of the basilar artery. The experts from both sides come to the stand and explain to you that the arteries of the body form a vast interconnected system carrying blood throughout the body, but that sometimes clots can block flow leading to serious complications. The defendant then explains how wires and tubes can be passed from the groin up into the head via these arteries to physically remove these clots.

Do you think you’re going to be able to understand all this? As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” But what if you had a thousand pictures or trial graphics? Now you’re really getting somewhere! An animation is a series of images that increases the educational value of the presentation exponentially.

This medical legal animation reveals the advancement of a guidewire from the groin up into the brain. With such a concise depiction, there is no possibility of miscommunication. In a similar fashion, this additional segment of the animation shows how a mechanical thrombectomy device can be deployed and withdrawn to eliminate clots within a vessel. Imagine trying to visualize this device and this technique without being able to see it, and yet a short animation segment makes everything clear and understandable.

In order for a jury to accept your arguments, you must first be sure they understand the essential facts. Demonstrative evidence is the most effective or efficient means of building an understanding and often legal animation is a key component of this process. 


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