Create Animations That Leave Lasting Impressions

on Mar 25, 2020

The scenario: You arrive at a deposition and begin questioning the witness about your client's automobile accident. The witness describes the accident in detail, yet the description sounds drastically different from your client's version (surprise, surprise). As you attempt to visualize this alternate version of the accident, you think to yourself that it sounds almost impossible.

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The question at this point is who your jury will believe, your client, or this witness. Trial Exhibits can help by creating an animation showing the accident as it was described by each party. Jurors will attend to an animation and will be able to see clearly the aspects that you find unbelievable. And, with the images in front of their eyes, they will be lead to assess the credibility of each witness based on the feasibility of their stories.

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If you are seeking assistance with the development of an animation, feel free to view TEI's 3D Animation Gallery and/or contact us for quotes.