Combining 2D and 3D Views

on Apr 14, 2020

In recent years, 3D modeling of anatomy has become more and more popular. This is certainly understandable when you view the beauty of what can be achieved in 3D.

Modern 3D technology allows for bright vibrant color, crisp clear images and various percentages of transparency. When handled well, it can look very exciting and professional.

Regretfully, 3D visualization may not allow for the most precise representation of location and proximity. Since the proximity of structures can look closer or further away in 3D depending on the perspective shown, it is still often preferable to include 2D views when perfect precision is required.

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In this animation, it was essential to show the exact location that the medication was injected to make it clear that the subclavian artery was not violated. While the 3D portion of the animation provides a good overall understanding of how the injection was done, the inset 2D portion allows for the precise depiction of the injection. 2D visualization, as seen in the ultrasound references from this case, allowed us to clearly show how the medication remained confined to the sheath surrounding the brachial plexus nerve and did not penetrate the adjacent artery.

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