Auto Accident Animations - Lighting Conditions

on May 11, 2020

Auto Accident Legal Animations - Recreation of Lighting Conditions


When creating a 3D legal animation on your next accident case, make sure that you utilize accurate lighting and weather conditions. Showing the jury a point of view animation of a driver in snowy or low light conditions, can have an effect on their view of the negligence. In this video you will see several different lighting and weather conditions matched to the testimony of witnesses, experts and weather reports. 



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Trial Exhibits can help with your next auto accident case involving trucks, cars, buses, motorcycles, golf carts and any other means of transportation. Whether it’s dawn, dusk, the dead of night, rain or snow, it’s important to accurately portray the conditions. These details bring to light, or lack thereof, how the accident occurred for the jury. 

Overhead 3D animation image showing 3 cars in an accident at night. 3D auto animation showing a 3 car accident at nighttime 

Trial Exhibits is here to consult with the development of a forensic or legal animation, feel free to view TEI's 3D Animation Gallery and/or contact us for quotes.