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Trial Exhibits is a full-service litigation support and trial presentation company with offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Richmond, Seattle, and Tampa. We have been providing litigation presentation services and demonstrative evidence to corporations and law firms throughout the United States since 1989. Our litigation support services include: Consulting, Mock Trials, Focus Groups, Medical Legal Illustrations and Animations, Trial Graphics, Exhibits for Trial, Graphic Design, 3D Animation, 2D Animation, Settlement Videos, Day in the Life Videos, Presentation Development and Creation, Presentation Equipment Rental, War Room Setup, and Trial Presentation Operation in Court. The key to our success is a combination of experienced staff, quality workmanship, and deadline management at a reasonable price.


Trial Exhibits’ employs talented Trial Consultants, Graphic Designers, Presentation Specialists, Litigation Consultants, Videographers, Medical Illustrators, and Forensic Animators. Our staff of professionals have attained training and experience that uniquely qualifies them to apply their expertise to the field of litigation. Our collaborative team approach allows members from various departments to share their ideas, experience, and unique skills and apply it to your case. Hiring Trial Exhibits is like having your own dedicated litigation staff at your fingertips.


Trial Exhibits’ staff reviews each case, working closely with our clients, to ensure every completed project meets or surpasses our clients’ expectations. In the world of litigation, nothing is concrete. As the case develops, themes or strategies may change, yet these changes should never compromise quality of workmanship. At Trial Exhibits we take great pride in our work and in our clients’ satisfaction. Regardless of the size of the case or the length of the trial, the Trial Exhibits’ team believes each client’s case is important and each client deserves the highest quality possible for their case.


Cases are ever evolving, as are the needs for trial preparation and support. Ever-changing trial calendars and surprise moves from the opposition result in short deadlines and after hours needs. Our staff is flexible and ready to meet these challenges. From focus groups/mock trial research to design of animations/graphics, Trial Exhibits will meet your important deadline.


Jury Consulting

Winning case strategies, focus groups, effective witness preparations, powerful insights into the minds of today’s jurors.



Transforming your complex information into educational and memorable demonstrative exhibits and trial graphics in the courtroom.



Clear and concise electronic courtroom presentations increase juror's understanding of the case and enhance memory.

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