Tips For Trial Preparation On Your Next Case

on Mar 24, 2020

Bates-stamping. Let TEI assist with exhibit scanning and organization. We can apply your bates stamps and supply the stamped PDF documents to you. We can also apply bates stamps to literature and images to assist in trial preparations. Too big for email? Not a problem! We will assist you in uploading materials to us and then supply you with a link to download the final product. 

Animations, Illustrations and GraphicsNot only can we assist with your trial presentation, but we can also create any demonstratives you may need to best explain your case to the jury.

Redactions. Don’t spend hours redacting your records before you send them to us! When you send us your records, we will be happy to make your redactions for you. Common redaction requests include social security numbers and health insurance information.

Highlighting Records for Presentation. Set up a meeting prior to trial and let us help by electronically highlighting your records. Records will display in-trial with the highlights already applied, allowing you to easily guide witnesses to the pertinent aspects of the various records.

PowerPoint. Allow us to help create your opening and closing PowerPoint Presentations, or even presentations for use by specific witness. Summarize the key points of your case for us and then take control of the presentation in the courtroom with a wireless remote.

Displaying Exhibits. Everything you supply us with will be ready for display in court. Call out the unique bates number and your document will be displayed within seconds. Whenever a witness refers to a document you would like the court to see, call it out to us and the judge and jury will see it plainly.

Transcripts. Supply all of your transcripts to us ahead of time and we will prepare them for trial as well. This will allow us both to search the transcripts when necessary and to display specific lines and pages for the judge and jury to see.

Video Editing. Supply us with the videos for recorded depositions, and we will prepare them for trial and have them ready for editing. We will prepare approved edits prior to trial, with the ability to make last-minute adjustments as requested by the court. We can play clips for impeachment purposes and even create clips for your PowerPoint Presentations.

Trial Printer. For most trials, we will have a printer, copier and scanner with us for use during breaks. Let us know if we can assist with any in-trial document management.

Track Time. If you want an idea of how long witnesses testify, or if you want us to help manage time limits, just let us know. We will keep track of time for you – whether it is for opening and closing statements or even individual witness testimony – and update you upon request.

After-Hours Work. We are a part of your team. We are happy to meet with you on the weekend prior to trial or daily after trial as needed.

Trial Exhibits, Inc. can help with trial preparation for your next case - contacat us at 800.591.1123