Advantages & Savings of 3D Visuals

on Apr 12, 2019

After viewing 3D animations or exploring the rotational possibilities of 3D interactive exhibits, few would doubt the value of this powerful technology. Regretfully, many have come to believe that a choice needs to be made between a limited budget and an effective 3D presentation. This case is a great example of why that is not always true. In this instance, 3D technology saved our client hundreds of dollars.

This case involved a robotic laparoscopic nephrectomy. The expert witnesses wanted one overall view of the surgical suite showing the layout of the equipment and people involved, but they also wanted a view of the anatomy while the patient was positioned for surgery to show the location of the kidneys, spine and ribcage. Regretfully, the experts could not agree on the best view to show this anatomy. One wanted an anterior view, one wanted a posterior view and one insisted on a view from above.

3D technology offered a simple solution to this problem. Utilizing traditional illustration techniques, each image would have needed to be created as a separate illustration. This would substantially multiply the costs in this case, but by creating the model in a 3D environment, Trial Exhibits was able to provide images from multiple angles for the cost of one single exhibit.

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