Trial Boards


Despite the move toward electronic media in the courtroom, Trial Exhibits’ consultants highly recommend the use of static trial boards. One advantage of a trial board, over electronic media, is the ability of the board to remain visible in the courtroom over an extended period of time. This allows jurors to continuously view and reference the board during attorney presentations. Trial Exhibits offer high quality trial boards, varying in size and texture (e.g. dry erase coating), at cost effective prices.


Trial Exhibits, Inc. services include:


  • Trial Boards
  • Full Color Blow-Ups/ Enlargements
  • Black & White Blow-Ups/ Enlargements
  • Photo Enlargements
  • Magnetic Boards
  • Overlays and Transparencies
  • Custom Graphics
  • Callouts
  • Time Lines
  • Flow and Organizational Charts


All boards can be mounted and laminated and/or applied with a dry erase coating.

A Trial Exhibits’ Graphic Designer will work with you to create customized trial boards that meet your specific case needs. Custom sizes are available and fast turnaround times can be met. To view our exhibit gallery, please click here.