Life depends on clean water. However, many water supplies are being contaminated by a wide range of sources. Industrial discharge, fertilizer runoff, petroleum constituents, fracking fluids, insecticides, and VOC’s are negligently introduced into our water sources taking heavy tolls on our potable water sources and endangering human, animal, and plant life.


Litigating water contamination cases can be complex. Engineers, medical doctors, hydrogeologists, and toxicologists will be needed to explain technical theories that will be unfamiliar to your jury. Telling your story of aquifers, mechanical failures, hydrofracking, saturation zones, cathodic corrosion, geologic makeup of bedrock, volatilization, or chemical effects on human cells will be challenging. Trial Exhibits can help!



Trial Exhibits’ experience in creating exhibits for groundwater contamination trials provides us with the expertise to assist you. Our staff will listen to your case and create a simplified, visual amendment specifically for you. An impactful exhibit may be all that is standing between your client and a favorable verdict.

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