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Trial Exhibits’ Medical Illustration and Animation Library can cover all your medical legal exhibit needs. Using our medical library you can browse through stock anatomical illustrations, colorized diagnostic films, custom medical exhibits, interactive medical exhibits and 3D medical animations. All exhibits can be purchased as is or customized to fit your case.

Educating a jury on any medical concept or issue can be difficult. Medical illustrations can be the key to your case, whether you have soft tissue damage on an MRI to complex medical procedures. Trial Exhibits’ certified medical illustrators can translate your medical information into concise accurate exhibits for your next presentation or in the courtroom.

To do this, Trial Exhibits employs Certified Medical Illustrators (CMI), with graduate degrees, that have both training and understanding of medicine to accurately and effectively illustrate or animate human anatomy, injuries, surgeries, and other medical related conditions.

Furthermore, over the last 21 Years Trial Exhibits has created a significant collection of medical illustrations. This Library provides a large range of stock illustrations to our clients at significantly discounted prices. These stock or custom medical exhibits can be a great asset at your next mediation, arbitration, hearing or trial.


     We provide the following Medical Exhibit services:

  • Stock Medical Illustrations
  • Custom Medical Illustrations
  • Injury Summary and Past Medical History Exhibits
  • Colorized Medical Diagnostic Films
  • Interactive Slice Choosers
  • Stock and Custom Medical Animations
  • Stock and Custom Interactive Medical Exhibits
  • Animated Fetal Heart Monitor Strips
  • Pharmaceutical and Marketing Multimedia Graphics