Medical illustrations can highlight the severity of an injury or explain the complexities of a surgical procedure in an easy to understand format. Our medical illustrators have the ability to accurately illustrate the steps of any given surgery or visually explain any medical process. We create illustrations directly from depositions, reports, diagnostic films, or expert opinions.


Trial Exhibits has the ability to meet your specific needs, providing you with accurate medical artwork at competitive and affordable prices. The combination of qualified in-house certified medical illustrators along with our library of stock medical illustrations allows us to provide you with quality exhibits in minimal time.


Samples Gallery: Medical Illustrations
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Visit our Medical Illustration Gallery to see more samples of our work

We offer multiple options:

  • Stock medical illustrations at discounted prices
  • Cost effective modified illustrations from our stock library
  • Custom medical illustrations that are case or client specific.


For questions about any medical illustrations or pricing, call us at 800-591-1123 or contact us for a free consultation and custom proposal, including samples, exhibit pricing and description.