With years of experience and a background in broadcast journalism, Trial Exhibits’ team of award-winning producers, videographers and editors are ready to assist with your case. At Trial Exhibits, we use the most up-to-date HD cameras and digital recording formats, Adobe editing equipment, and professional lighting to accomplish all of your video goals. Whether you need a video to be duplicated, edited, converted, captured, or shot, Trial Exhibits can service all of your video production needs.


Anything you need to be documented, Trial Exhibits can perform the task. We have years of experience shooting site inspections, accident reconstructions, ENG footage (Electronic News Gathering), and reenactments. We can also edit any raw video or convert it to a format that is easy for you to view. So even if you’re unsure how to approach a video project, you can trust our team’s experience and professionalism to get the job accomplished.

Settlement Documentaries






The most effective way to tell a story, is to let the story tell itself. Through intimate interviews, personal photos, home videos, computer graphics, and legal exhibits, the persuasive impact of video narrates the story of your client. Videos humanize your client, allowing the viewer to instantly feel the emotion of your case and sympathy for your client. These 15-20 minute videos have the professional quality of a television broadcast news feature, using professional talent and voice-over to raise the production value and overall effectiveness of the video.

Day-In-The-Life – Our videographer documents your client’s daily activities to provide a visually dramatic depiction of their everyday realities and struggles. Capturing everything from painful physical therapy to the challenges of eating and attending to personal hygiene, these 20-30 minute videos provide the defense with insight into your client’s daily burdens.



Snapshot – A snapshot is the perfect tool to present your client’s case, without a full-scale settlement video. A snapshot is a 3-5 minute depiction of your client’s loss and injuries. While still employing the high-end production quality of a settlement video, a snapshot briefly, but effectively summarizes your client’s case. When deadlines and budgets are tighter and a video presentation is desired, a snapshot is the answer.

Video Samples – On Location Video
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Our legal video services include:

  • Day In The Life Video
  • Settlement Video
  • Pre-Mediation Video
  • Video Deposition
  • IME and CME Videos
  • Video Editing
  • Duplication
  • DVD and Video CD Creation
  • Video to Text Synchronization
  • Audio Editing

For questions about our video services, presentation or pricing, give us a call at 800-591-1123 or contact us for a free consultation and custom proposal, including a video sample.