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Trial graphics and illustrations significantly increase a jury’s understanding of complex information. Our Consultants and Designers understand the unique aspects of presentation in the courtroom, and how the right visual aid can make a difference in how a juror perceives the evidence. Due to years of experience and understanding what is successful, our team knows the colors, fonts, and the overall design of graphics and illustrations that best influence jurors at key moments during the trial.

Trial Graphics and demonstrative evidence should aid in your storytelling of the case. The colors, content, size, and orientation of graphics should be consistent with the themes of the case. Graphics should communicate a simple message that is quickly and easily understood. Our team of Graphic Designers possess the imagination and skill to plan and construct visual aids that are not only creative, but are persuasive at trial.

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A chronology of events, or timeline, is a powerful tool in the courtroom.  A timeline is a linear presentation of events which allows the viewer to easily ascertain both the sequence of events and the temporal proximity between them. Timelines are created with a defined theme which reinforces arguments made to the jury. Typically, timelines are presented during critical moments in the trial such as the opening statement, direct examination of witnesses, or closing arguments. Given the importance of timelines to the presentation of your case, it is imperative that you hire the right Litigation and Graphic Specialist to construct your exhibit.


Trial Exhibits’ Graphic Designers are unique as they specialize in constructing not only visually appealing, but persuasive exhibits for litigation use.Trial Exhibits’ Designers know that strategic design of a timeline can increase the persuasiveness of your case.  For example, a medical malpractice defense attorney who wants to show the continuous care of a patient, may display a timeline with multiple entries across a few short hours, indicating that healthcare providers constantly attended to the patient. Similarly, a black and white timeline with colorful entries highlighting key events can help draw jurors’ attention to the most important aspects of a timeline, enhancing your client’s story. In fact, the information that is missing on a timeline may be more important than the information that is presented. Trial Exhibits’ trained Graphic Designers possess the forensic and artistic knowledge to create timelines that are influential to aid in telling your client’s story.