Damage occurring as the result of natural forces is sometimes exacerbated by the negligent engineering of man. Our graphic designers and animators will review your data and present it in a visual manner that will allow your jury to understand causation.


Hurricanes, tornados, sinkholes, floods, earthquakes, termites, mudslides, mold contamination and fire cause damage and devastation throughout our country’s residential & commercial property. Residential property and business owners’ claims are on the rise. Policy language, coverage issues, and the cause of damage sustained can be difficult for any jury to comprehend.


Our graphics rival those displayed on television’s educational channels. Not only do our graphics succeed in educating jurors, they create a lasting memory that jurors take with them into the deliberation room.



Inevitably, subjects such as Barometric pressure differentials, lateral wind force, fractured geology, storm surge vs. rainfall, and building codes will arise. Expert data from meteorologists, professional engineers, general contractors, geologists, and hydrologists will be necessary to present your case to your jury. Trial Exhibits, Inc. can take your experts’ reports, exhibits, photographs, videos and other supporting materials and create a clear and concise mediation or trial presentation.



A sinkhole animation showing the geology and soil layers under a structure. 











Trial Exhibits, Inc. can take these data and orchestrate them into a compelling visual re-creation of the event and its consequences. Animations, interactive timelines of events, photos and graphics help bring the case to light at mediation, arbitration or in the courtroom.






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For over 20 years, Trial Exhibits Inc. has been providing litigation support services for attorneys across the country.  We are a full service litigation support company offering everything you need for your environmental cases. From Focus Groups to Electronic Trial Presentation, we have you covered!


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