Case Consulting


The goal of the early case consultation is to objectively examine all components of a case, identifying strengths as well as potential vulnerabilities. This process enables you to see the case from multiple angles and lay the strongest foundation possible. A litigation consultant relies on past research and experience to provide insight regarding initial planning for the case.
During early case consultation, a litigation consultant can aid you in planning for multiple aspects of your case, including:


  • Planning effective opening and closing statements
  • Identifying persuasive trial themes and developing exhibits that build on those themes
  • Determining whether a focus group would aid your case preparation
  • Deciding which witnesses to present and in what order


By meeting with a consultant early in the development of a case, time allows for development and testing of themes, preparation of witnesses, and creation as well as fine-tuning of exhibits. The earlier a consultant is involved, the greater assistance he/she can provide.