Trial Exhibit’s team of board certified medical illustrators, forensic 3D animators, and computer graphic designers work with biomechanical engineers to create powerful and accurate exhibits. These exhibits provide a detailed understanding of the forces in an accident and how they act upon the human body.


These biomechanical exhibits (also known as the mechanism of injury exhibits) can cover product safety, accident reconstruction, and forces and motions acting on the body during an accident.

Biomechanical: Samples
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Trial Exhibits have worked with experts nationwide to develop biomechanical demonstrative exhibits. As an added benefit of working with Trial Exhibits, we have Dr. Larry Horvath available to assist with your case if needed. Dr. Horvath has a unique background of bioengineering and neurosurgery.


Larry D. Horvath, DO, MS
Bioengineer / Neurosurgeon  – Download CV