Structural failures, maintenance omissions, pressurized bulkheads, stabilizers, pilots, landing gear, fuel systems, air traffic control, weather, and other aircraft can be the root cause, but more often a chain of several events will lead to the inevitable accident. Allow Trial Exhibits, Inc to aid you in describing these events with compelling data-generated graphics.




Trial Exhibits has years of experience creating 3-D aviation animations and exhibits.


A bird ingestion or BASH causes an uncontained turbine blade separation.


Aviation accidents can be some of the most difficult events to explain. There are often a number of moving components that require visual assistance. Graphics and computer animation can showcase the events in a way that allows the viewer to understand what happened and how it happened. Our trained professionals can show the details of a collision with high quality, remarkable graphics, that will leave no doubt in jurors’ minds.


F18 Crash
Turbo Pump
Plane Fire


PanAm Crash
Reno Crash
Trim Tab


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