Graphics by Trial Exhibits, Inc. will help educate jurors on asbestos exposure sources such as garages, ships, military bases, and drilling platforms. There are specific health-related ramifications including, Pleural, Peritoneal and Pericardial Mesothelioma, each resulting in specific medical concerns that require different procedures for relief. The progression of this terrible disease can be captured though medical illustrations or medical animations.



Trial Exhibits, Inc. has extensive experience with asbestos-related cases. Recently, our work was utilized in an asbestos case that resulted in the largest asbestos-related verdict in U.S. history. We take great pride in providing quality exhibits regardless of the size of your case.


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Other Services of Interest

For over 20 years, Trial Exhibits Inc. has been providing litigation support services for attorneys across the country.  We are a full service lititgation support company offering everything you need for your Asbestos/ Mesothelioma cases. From Focus Groups to Electronic Trial Presentation, we have you covered!